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Ba Xian An Monastery
- The Eight Immortals Temple

The Eight Immortals Temple, which was called "Ba Xian An" means eight immortals temple in ancient China, is located to the north of Changle Fang Street belongs to the area Dongguan of Xi'an city. It is the biggest Taoist temple in Xi'an and is a well-known Taoist architecture in northwest China

The Eight Immortals Temple is said to be established in Song Dynasty, with Chang'an Wineshop and Thunder Spirit Temple as its former forms. During the Tang Dynasty this place was "Chang'an Wineshop", where Lv Dongbin was transformed by Zhongli Quan and became a Daoist while drinking. Speaking of the later one, it was built for the purpose of guarding of the underground thunder sound. The present name was largely drew materials from the legend came down from the Song Dynasty. With the accident of a student's staying in the temple, he had encountered the Eight Immortals who traveled to dine there. on the following dynasties, several times renovated and expansion have made it a well known Daoist temple then.
During the famous Gnegzi Turmoil in 1900, the 26th year of GungXu, empress dowager CiXi took emperor GuangXu to escape to Xi'an and CiXi always searched for her heart peace here in the famous temple. Then after her return, she entitled the temple as the "Longevity Temple of the Eight Immortals at the Eastern Pass of Xi'an". Even after the founding of the People's Republic of China, the government as well has took money to repair and renovation, which have made it a mere temple only but also an appealing spot in China.

The temple in total covers an area of more than 8,200 square meters. Though it has gone through series of repairs and renovations, it still possesses the typical layout of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It obeyed the traditional Chinese way of construction that lies in the north and faces south and divided at the central court between the eastern and western yards. Then we could say that there are three sections intotal. the Linggong Palace, the Baxian Palace and the Doumu Palace in the middle,the Luzu Palace, the Yaowang Palace and other features in the east, on the west are Qiuzu Palace and the Jianyuan Room.
There is a tablet with the emperor's inscription "Dong Tian Yun Ji" on the lintel of the main hall-he Eight Immortals Hall. In the hall, the Imperial Sovereign Donghua sits uprightly in the middle and the eight immortals sit on either side.

The Eight Immortals Temple has been recognized by the State Council as a national key temple. And in Shaanxi Province, Ba Xian An Monastery is a popular and important place for Taoist celebrations. The settled annual temple fair held in the mid-days of the fourth lunar month. Also it turned out to be a great attraction for people from home and abroad on the Double Nine Festival


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