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Cuihua Mountain

Cuihua Mountain is located some 20 kilometers away from Xi'an, belongs to Qin mountain chain, composed of diversity of metamorphic rock from middle geological Epoch, one billion years ago. With its landside scenery national Geopark authorized by National Land Resources Department. It was said that the Mountain was formed as a result of an earthquake in the three valleys of the middle part of Shaanxi at the second year during the You King of Western Zhou Dynasty.
Generally speaking, the highest peak would reach above sea level by 2604m with total area 32km is called Zhongnan Mountain. With its most complete diversity of landslide appearance, most typical structure, most completed, largest scale and highest tourism value, the park is the most unusual in China and abroad, as demonstrated with search by Shaanxi Sci-tech Information Research Institute, renowned as Chinese landslide miracle scenery and geological museum.

Particular Landscapes
Landslide area in Cuihua Mountain covers 5.2km with 300 million rocks collapsed. Until now 1.5km have been developed with distributions in low-lying land so called Shui Jiao Pond and Gan Jiao Pond and Da Ping. And the developed area is mainly composed of three pars such as survival peaks and remained cliff, stone sea from collapse and the lake formed from landslide.
The survival peaks and remained cliff are mainly meaning Yuan peak, Ganjiao peaks and Cuihua peak and other cliffs from landslide. As from the above three peaks on will be surprised at the scenery. The three peaks are piercing into the sky in heated competition with tripartite confrontation and unexpected towering. "The Zhongnan peaks coming into sight far away from the south look like green screen; Going up into the sky with rose-tinted clouds woven".
The Yuan Peak
It is about 1688m above sea level with half of itself split, looking like a jade board standing upright, surprisingly fantastic. Events on the middle part of Shaanxi had once recorded that "to the east of Taiyi Valley that the section of the peak was as smooth as a board with a Jinhua cave hidden in her waist". There were always clouds flowing out of the cave with the rain followed. And from the scenery there had been going the famous verse "from the top of Yuan peak clouds raise; from the Jinhua cave the rain falls." In summer clouds and mist change in the mountain, sometime into jade belt and, sometime into lowers rolling all over the mountain. With the clouds and mist drifting from place to place one can enjoy himself with the vast expanse of the space.
The Yuan Clouds
The Yuan Clouds are as famous as Yanta morning bell and the bestow banquet in, being listed as wonderful sceneries of the middle part of Shaanxi.
Ganjiao peaks
More than 1500m long and 260-900m wide, the disparity between the highest and the lowest being 300m more, elevate the sea level by 2045m. Because of the collapse close to the south and north slope of the peaks, the stone sea had formed, looking fantastic.
Cuihua Peak
Elevated above sea level by 1414m, the Cuihua peak stands in Cuihua Mountains, looking like an impregnable fortress. And with its south end cut down by a cliff up to 200m, a huge stone corridor, nearly a thousand meters long. 300 meters wide and 200 meters high had come to exist, having Taiyi valley-blocked up.
Taiyi Zhenren
Especially to be mentioned is that the Taiyi Zhenren, the survival peak, looking like an old Taoist scholar fixing his eyes into the endless space, stands alone on the top of the mountain. When it is clear, the old Taoist scholar entertains himself with the view of ancient city Xi'an, receiving Buddhism light from Wutai South.
Xuan Guan
It is the only way that touring to ice cave and windy cave where the two huge stones erecting only a foot apart with a small bridge connected on the top of them. Stopping here to look upward, one cannot help feeling arriving at the heaven gate, endless at a loss in endless mystery.
Shiba Pan
Located on the north borderline of the stone sea from collapse, 200m high, indistinct with huge stones scattered all over.
Yingya Waterfall
The wonderful waterfall comes down in torrents, liking a silver belt hanging from the mountain to offer an impression of Chinese landscape painting.

While facing the wonderful scenery of Zhongnan and getting inspiration from Taiyi Valley, you will certainly know why the Emperor Han Wudi was attracted by Cuihua Mountain. Also here the fantastic scenery of Changan is found from ice column and clear water from Ganjiao Pond. The national geopark with collapse scenery of Cuihua Mountain, Shaanxi has not only landslide fantastic scenery with wonderful lake and stones from collapse grand enough but also abundant culture rooted in Chinese history, broad nature background and first-rate service.


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