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Qinglong Temple-Green Dragon Temple

Green Dragon Temple, Qinglong Temple in Chinese, from about 6 kilometers that located the highland of the suburb southeast of Xi'an City. It was initially established on the second year of Sui Dynasty, the name then was Linggan Temple, means Temple of Inspiration. The name Qinglong Temple was changed later in 711 of Tang Dynasty.

Green Dragon Temple was flourished most in middle Tang Dynasty, there were many monks from abroad came here studying and communicating. Especially the Japanese monks, thereafter Japanese always treated the Green Dragon Temple as an important Holy Temple.

In the North Song Dynasty, about the year 1086, Green Dragon Temple was destroyed for some inexplicit reasons and gradually it became unknown to public. Based on several years' excavation and researching, the present Green Dragon Temple was rebuilt in the original place. Memorial halls for the earlier monks and exhibition halls with some excavations displayed are all built in the Tang architectural style.

Nowadays, as an appealing sight spot, it is well known for the beautiful cheery blossoms. Every year in May and June, thousands of travelers came here.


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