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Straw Hut Temple-Caotang Si

Straw Hut Temple, called Caotang Si in Chinese, is situated about 40 km southwest of Xi'an. It was first found in 401. It got its name owing to the thatch roof, Caotang Temple, meaning Straw Hut Temple. The small temple is famous for the place where a great Indian monk, Kumarajiva, translated large volume Buddhist scriptures from Sanskrit into Chinese in fourth century.
He is a well-known Buddhist master, who has become a monk in his early age of seven. Because of his intelligence and diligence, he mastered the sprit of the Buddhism excellently. He led 3,000 Buddhist followers to translate sutras from Sanskrit to Chinese. Not as the most way of metaphrase, he used free translation, which made the scriptures easy to understand. He died in 413 and his ashes was buried in the stupa that is about 7 feet tall and inlaid with colorful Jade carvings. The well in the temple used to win it a good reputation.

Inside the temple, there is one of the eight famous scenic in Shaanxi Province-the Mist of Caotang Temple.
The related legend is that there is a piece of stone on one side, halfway down the well, and whenever there is a snake lying on the stone, the mist comes out, and travels over the countryside. The real cause of the mist, however, might be geothermal vapor, which, once out of the well, gets mixed with the smoke of incense over the temple. Later an elegant pavilion has been built over the well and was named as "the Misty Well".


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