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The Tang Dynasty Arts Museum

As the first dynastic museum in China, it is situated in the Qujiang Scenic Spot and built with investments from both China and Japan. A total area of 2,910 square meters covered with about one-third is on display now. Its typically featured courtyard architecture of Tang Dynasty has show great interest to tourists.

The six exhibition rooms have draw us a picture of the Tang Dynasty arts, which included Tang poems and calligraphy, and sculpture and paintings etc.

As we entering the first exhibition room, we will get ourselves involved into the period of Tang Dynasty due to the typical Tang-style architecture of the Chang'an City. Among all the buildings here, the most spectacle point is the Linde Hall in Daming Palace, it is the Hall of Supreme Virtue in the Palace of Supreme Wisdom.

Next comes the second room, which filled with costume and habits and has departed into several sections, as music and dancing, pottery and porcelain, dress and adornment, games, silk products, tableware, currency, bronze mirrors, gold and silver wares. Where we can know a lot about the normal life then.

The third showroom is about Tang poems and calligraphy, which depicts the important position of the Tang poems and calligraphy in Chinese culture. From which we could conclude that Tang Dynasty was really a time of flourishing literature.

The fourth exhibition room mainly contains sculptures and paintings, which describes the great achievement in sculptures and painting of the Tang Dynasty and show the artistic features of the Tang sculptures. They are really open-minded. The Tang-dynasty sculpture formed its own style: vigorous, robust, elegant, and expressive, instead of the "delicate and slim" style of the North and South Dynasty. Here also are exhibited some pottery maids, who look pretty,plum and carefree. Thus the females in the opening era were carved vivid and life-like. The subject matter of the Tang paintings is human figures.

Wu Daozi, the so called "genius painter" is a representative of this school. He is well known all over China for his line drawing. Besides, landscapes were becoming more popular during the Tang Dynasty. The representatives are Li Sixun and his son, Wang Wei, Zhang Zao and so on. The paintings of flowers and birds, line carving, and advanced greatly during the Tang Dynasty.


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