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DaTang Furongyuan -Tang Paradise

Besides most of the natural ancient historic sits, still there remain some sights spots developed recently in Xi'an City. Tang Paradise is one of the famous one that newly opened to public in Apr. 2005. It is said that not only as the biggest cultural theme park in the northwest region but also the very first royal-garden-like park open out the whole flourishing scene of the Tang Dynasty.

Early in Chinese history, the Paradise had already been a renowned imperial palace. It could be traced back to 483 in Sui Dynasty, and the present Tang Paradise was established on the basis of the original one, located in the Qujiang Resort, southeast of the Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. It covers an area of 10 hectares with one-third water that making full use of the low wetland, the beautiful mountain and the lake in Qujiang Area.
Overall Arrangement
In total, the whole imperial court could be distributed into twelve cultural theme sections that display prosperity and brilliance of the Tang Dynasty from different aspects as the royal family, poesy, folk, bite and sup, the women's lifestyles, tea-culture, religion, science, diplomacy, imperial examinations, song & dancing etc., thus endowing every place with its own story and its own place in the tapestry of Tang Dynasty culture.
Concerning the attractions, there include Ziyun Tower Block, Elegant Lady Area, Imperial Banquet Hall, Fanglin Fragrant Garden, Phoenix Theater, Apricot Garden, Lu Yu Teahouse, Tang Marketplace and the Floating-drink at Qujiang Lake.
It is a construction that with typical Tang style inside, the biggest one on its large scale in China, and the hugest building group all over the world. Tang Paradise is a combination of nearly all building styles of Tang Dynasty's, following such kind of principal of prolong life but not juvenescence.
The Tang Paradise boasts many new records: the largest show on water screen in the world; the first theme park of five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch and smell senses); the biggest out-door fragrance project in the world and the biggest reproduction of the Tang royal garden complex in China. Tang Paradise is a comprehensive resort center, which attracts people from different walks of life. With it's surprising charm it has become a must see attraction in Xi'an.

Many Firsts
1. The first and largest scale of buildings modeled on the Tang style in China.
2. The first and most considerable groups of sculptures to show the poetic culture in the Tang Dynasty in China.
3. The first and biggest single architecture modeled on the Tang style throughout China.
4. The first theme park in China to cater to the five senses-sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.
5. The grandest fragrant project of the outdoors in the world.
6. The most spectacular water film on earth.

"Taste" here is not referring to the traditional meaning as it should be, instead of food but to the Paradise itself, which displays like a fine lady full of aroma. It is not the natural result but a consequence of the incense burners here on the both sides of the paths for every few meters, which look like street lamps as decorations. It is only 1.5 meters tall with incense coils burning inside. It is this fragrance that makes the whole place seem like mysterious Xanadu. So that wherever you walk in Tang Paradise, assuredly, you can be involving yourselves into the atmosphere of faint redolence.

Water Film
Among all the so-called wonders in Tang Paradise, one alluring point is the water film, which takes for the foremost worldwide. The screen of the movie is a film of water; thus special kind of optical effect created that makes the frame three-dimensional. When watching the movie, you can witness that the beautiful night and the fan-like water surface turn to an ingenious integration. As long as the figures in the movie appear on the screen, it seems that they are flying to the sky or coming down from the heaven throws you into a wonderful and illusory feeling that you were personally on the scene. You are assured to get a full enjoyment, making you feel as if you were in a fairyland.
On the whole, the Tang Paradise is praised as "Garden of History", "Garden of Spirit", "Garden of Nature", "Garden of Human Culture" and "Garden of Art".


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