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Tomb of Crown Prince YiDe

Another important satellite tomb of the Qianling Mausoleum is the Tomb of Crown Prince YiDe, which locates on the southeast. Officially, the tomb was excavated by the government in 1971. Following with more than 190 pieces cultural relics, over 450 square meters mural paintings of Tang Dynasty are presented to public. All of which have supplied dependable data to research on the Tang Dynasty.

Crown Prince YiDe
Prince YiDe, named Li Chongrun, was the eldest son of Tang ZhongZong Li Xian and grandson of Gao Zong and Wu Zetian. Just as the same fortune as the Crown Prince Zhang Huai, he was another victim of his awe-stricken and selfish grandmother that had sentenced to death at his early age of 19 for arguing against her despotism. When ZhongZong returned to the throne in 705, Prince YiDe was awarded posthumously the title of Crown Prince YiDe and in 706 his relique was moved to the Qianling Mausoleum.

The whole tomb was in a rectangle-shape that surrounded by a mound and walls. A pair of stone lions and obelisks, some stone figures stand to the south part of the walls. Some of them are in a degree have been destroyed largely. As regards its compositions, we could say that a tomb tunnel, three doors, seven airshafts, eight niches and tomb chambers.
The coffin of the Crown Prince YiDe is of typical Tang-style; it carved smooth, vivid and mighty. And more than 40 well-preserved frescos with paintings closely related to daily life of Tang Dynasty are becoming fantastic enjoyment to people both home and abroad. For instance, as symbols of the Prince, the Black Dragon and White Tiger were painted on, and special cheetahs presented to the imperial family as tribute from client states.
Besides, more than 1,000 pieces of historical relics have been unearthed from the Tomb of Crown Prince YiDe, including pottery figure, tri-color glazed figures, other earthenwares, as well as gold, bronze and iron wares.
All of which are all contribute to the great strategic influence and importance of Tang Dynasty.


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