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Western Zhou Chariot Burial Pit

There excavated several Western Zhou Chariot Burial Pits at Zhangjiapo, Chang'an County in the year 1955. And now, it is only one that completely preserved. The war chariot was one of the most predominating symbols of power in the Bronze Age. The Pit consists of all the burial objects for deceased slave-owners of Western Zhou Dynasty.

This pit is in rectangle-shape with a length of 5.6 meters and depth of 2 meters. There are only two chariots, six horses and one slave inside. The one made of wood used for battle that decorated with bronze steadily. Another one is hauled by two horses that less than the first one was used to ride with seashell adorned.

All of which above provide us a lot on researching the level of handicraft industry back to three thousand years ago. From which we could concluded that the wood work, metal work, especially the bronze production had reached a high level in that time.


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