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Xiangji Temple

Xiangji Temple was situated some 20 kilometers to the south of Xi'an, closely to the Wangqu Town. The temple was lasted its prosperous days mainly during the Tang Dynasty. Emperors GaoZong and ZhongZong, and Empress Wu Zetian had all visited here and cults started in their honor. At presently, numerous travelers from both home and abroad treat here as a well choice.
There are two pagodas stand inside the temple. The bigger one with eleven-story high was built in honor of the renowned Buddhist monk Shandao. It was originally built in 680 of Tang Dynasty with thirteen-story. Over centuries, the top two stories had worn away as what we see today. Shandao, a famous founder of Pure Land Buddhism, praised a lot on salvation through faith instead of meditation. The flank of the pagoda is stenciled with delicately engraved half-naked Buddha and strong pieces of script. And with recent strengthening of the Chinese-Japanese friendly relationship, as a kind of honor and respect, Japanese Buddhist circle endowed a gilded wood sculpture of Shandao, several musical instruments etc.

Another smaller five-story one lays on the east side, which is a commemoration of Jingye, one of Shandao's pious disciples. And there are about 25 monks who lived in this temple. The travelers may climb the pagoda with permission. Surrounding these two pagodas is a vista that is beautiful and tranquil. The renowned landscape poet Wang Wei of the Tang Dynasty visited the Temple and composed a poem to praise its charms.


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