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Yangxian Black Rice
Black rice in Yangxian County once was the tribute for the unique soil here, which is a kind luxury for ordinaries. It possesses medicinal value but similar to ordinary rice except for its special color. It is a good choice to make porridge alone or with sesame, gingko, white fungus, dates and sugar together that looks dark red and tastes well.

Shaanxi Green Tea
The Green Tea is mainly produced in South Shaanxi Province. As we all know that tea is refreshing ourselves for the caffeine and alkali contained. Still some essential trace elements contains, of which the selenium exists most, therefore another name as ¡°selenium-abundant tea¡±was called. Selenium is a natural oxidationo-resisitance material that could improve our immune ability and slow dowm the decrepitude process.

Southern Shaanxi Walnuts
Same as the pomegranate, the Walnuts were as well introduced by Zhangqian, an envoy sent to the Western Regions in the Western Han Dynasty. It was initially grown in Iran and Afghanistan, though at present it is widely grown in Southern Shaanxi, the most famous kind is from Shangluo. They enjoy the fame in quantity and high quality in big size, thin shell and loose kernel and occupy the first place nationwide of the annual production.

Kiwi Fruit
The Kiwi fruit is a kind of Asian frutex with the earliest grown history traced back to the 1970s in France. Originally, its name was the same as the national bird given by New Zealander. It was described as an oval fruit with light-acid green flesh, which contains up to 7 kinds of vitamins. Among all the fruits, it is mostly rich in VC & VE meanwhile high amout of nourishment as amino acid and other mineral substances exist.
It called Mihou Tao in Chinese,and early to the 16th century there was records about it by renowned doctor Li Shizhen in the book ¡°Compendium of Materia Medica¡±as the words ¡°with the shape of pears and color of peaches, this fruit is named Mihou Tao (macaque peaches) because it is the favorite kiwi fruit of macaques.¡±

Lintong Pomegranate
Pomegranate is a kind of refined fruit with light-red-colored fragrant flower, which has chosen to be the Xian City Flower. Its long history said that pomegranate was initially grown in Central Asia and was introduced to China by Zhang Qian, who was an envoy to the Western Regions in the Western Han Dynasty. 2000 years of propagation and cultivation developed it into nationwide grown fruit. Still the most outstanding produce is from Lintong. Two sorts present us to choose: sweet and sour. Both of them are juicy, red, and big with thin peel. Acid-juicy flesh with big granule that can be stored longer; the sweet one deserves its name of ¡°Candy Pomegranate¡±.
Lintong Fire-Crystal Persimmons
Its name is derived from the red-fired flesh and crystal-like coverage. The fire-cystal persimmons rank No.1 in quality. Flat circular-shaped persimmons with thin peel and sweet pulp but no seed are in extensive use. They could relieve the stomach problems and constipation, stop bleeding, lower blood pressure for medicinal value as well for the tonic effect; wine, vinegar and famous panckes are made.

Xian Glutinous Rice Wine
It is a sort of antiquity wine particularly being in Xian with a long history. it called as ¡°Lao Zao¡± in Qin Dynasty, ¡° White Lao Wine¡± in North Wei Dynasty. Its brewing technics has developed a lot in Tang Dynasty and gradually became popular drink. Legend has that about the famous poet Li Bai, as the words goes like ¡°Li Bai can compose dozens of poems after he drinks wine. He often sleeps in the inns at the market in Chang¡¯an.¡± Here the wine he drunk preferred to the rice wine mentioned above.
There are three types of such wine, the bitter one plus with traditional medicine, and sweet type of sugar inside, also the type neither with medicine nor sugar but the original taste. One can choose any type he likes.

Northern Shaanxi Dates
Dates are the proverbial local product not only to the local people in Northern Shaanxi but also the people of nation wide. Though there are many other places teem with dates, owning to the unique oil, rich sunshine, condine temperature and the precipitation, the dates here are in big size, think pulp, red color and sweet taste. Besides the special looking, they are still popular for rich nutrition of various vitamins and minerals. People fond of them for not merely a kind of food but its medicinal effect.

Demaogong Crystal Pancakes
Demaogong Crystal Pancake is the famous flavor in Ancient Xian City. Its name derives from the crystal-like stuffing inside; it is a typical representative of Qin-style Cakes. The Crystal Pancake originated from Xia County of Song Dynasty that bearing a history of 800 years, once has been eponymous with bird¡¯s nest, white fungus and Jinhua ham.
The legend related is about an official of Song Dynasty¡ªKou Zhun, on his way back to his hometown from Beijing on his 50th birthday. His friends and relatives brought peaches, steamed bread, and inscribed wooden boards for his birthday celebration. During the process of the banquet, a servant brought in an intricate wooden box in which Kou found 50 crystal-clear pancakes. The red paper sheet that covered the cakes read, ¡°Penetrating are your eyes, and pure is your heart; being able to tell the loyal from the wicked, you are upright from the start." The name of the sender was ¡°an old man from Weibei.¡± Later, Kou's chef learned its cooking technique. The name ¡°Crystal pancakes¡± given by kou is still in use today.
Listed all the crystal pancakes, the one made in Demaogong is the most orthodox in China. It looks small and exquisite with crisp peels and delicious stuffing make it tasty and following a kind of flavor mixed with rose and mandarin orange.

Sanyuan Liao Flower Sugar
¡°Liao(Þ¤) Flower Sugar¡± is the traditional famous snack in Sanyuan County. It was initially called as ¡°liao(ÁÅ) Flower Sugar¡±, here the character ¡°liao(ÁÅ)¡±is different from the present word ¡°liao(Þ¤) ¡± in Chinese form. The original ¡°liao(ÁÅ) ¡± is the Guanzhong dialect that means ¡°good¡±. It has a history of long to 400 hundred years. As the story goes in Qing Dyansty, Empress CiXi with Emperor GuangXu came to Xian to give highly praise on the ¡°Liao Flower Sugar¡± offered by the local officials. She saw that the sugar were shaped so much like the Flower Liao, afterwards, people began to adopt the partial tone of ¡°Liao¡± and changed its name into the present one. The sugar is in round-drumstick-shape, big in size but light in weight, sesames and granulated sugar are allover the golden peel with white candies inside, all of which make it both pleasing to eyes and tasting.

Shaanxi Chestnut
Shaanxi Chestnut is a popular food among ordinaries and be one of the ¡°Five Fruits¡± together with plum, apricot, peach and dates. The original history of inseminating chestnut trees could be date back to more than 2,000 years. Its main producing place is the Mountain Qin area, especially the chestnuts from Chang¡¯an and Zhan¡¯an cities that famous for their large outputs and high qualities. It is a kind of nuts that possess many merits as fragrant-sapor, light-color, big-size, delicious-taste, rich-nutrition, easy-pealing off and stored.

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