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Bell Tower , Big Wild Goose Pagoda , Drum Tower , Famen Temple
Forest of the Stone Steles Museum , Hua Mountain , HuaQing Hot Spring ,
Maoling Mausoleum , Qianling Museum , Terra Cotta Warrior and Horses
Shaanxi History Museum , The Tang Dynasty Dinner Show
Tomb of Huo Qubing , Xian City Wall , Xianyang Museum
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Xian custom
, Xian festival, Amusement in Xian,
local story , Xian typical artworks , Xian local products

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Xian local snacks, Dumpling, Xian Tang Dynasty Dinner and Show

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Not only as an ancient city in China, with its highly development for years, Xian has become a city that combined modern and history together perfectly where special cultural items bought here exclusively as well as things & clothes on fashion are available. The most thriving downtown area is around Jiefang Road and along the Dongdajie and Xidajie numerous retail stores are also attractive. Besides the stores, alternatively, there is still a huge outdoor market in the Muslim area where everything you want could be bought, items as clothes, antiques, musical instruments, Mao memorabilia are all available.
Xian shpping guide , Special-featured commercial streets , Antique market

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