Special-Featured Commercial Streets

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Defu LaneInside the PinkLane
The well-known street typical of coffee shop and bars where the nightlife here is colourful & enjoyable.

Family Li Villiage
Presently, the village is a singing world with number of big KTV in. Also in the near future, the would-be shopping paradise will establish here.

Groggery & Western-Style Restaurant Street
Rong Road is an old city street that less than a kilometer long, and after being repaired it becames a tree-shaded street. In recent years, based on the original typical-Chinese-style restaurants, some other bars, western-style restaurants and fast-food shops are gradually established here. All of which has contribute to its fame.

Fruit Lane
Actually speaking, People Road is the main traffic drag but for the all alone right side are fruit-sale booths that more than 30 shops within 50 meters. It is really a special enjoyment.

Ironware Lane
It is the street where you can buy kinds of ironwares.

Banner & Tablet Street
More than 60 shops deal in silk banners, tablets and copper characters and things like that.

Calligraphy & Paintings Street
Various sorts of calligraphy and paintings are available here with different themes as characters, landscapes and birds, flowers etc.



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