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Chang¡¯an MeimeiOutside the South Gate
It is the most slap-up Shooping Mall in Xian that houses various kinds of world-famous brands for customers, including Bally, Burberry, Dior, Givenchy, Lancome, Estee Lauder, and other all of which make Meimei a fashion center in Xian.

Xidajie¡ªthe Archaize Street
It is a business street that newly established in Xian, with a series of shopping malls open on hand, will surely become a new choice to go shopping. The well existed Century Baisheng, Hongkong City plus the coming Shanghai City, Tangning Street, numeral harbor, Central Ring Square etc. All of which contribute to here as the must-be thriving area.

Jiefang Road and the surrounding area of the Bell Tower & Dongda Street
It is the shopping center permeated with strong modern atmosphere, malls and monopolization shops stand everywhere, such as Century Ginwa, Kaiyuan Shopping Mall, Jeans Shop, Minsheng Buildings and so on.

Nanda Street
Different from other shooping centers, Nanda Street is a place of shopping, diet and amusement in all where malls, clubs and chambers could found.

Xiao Zhai
Xiao Zhai, as its name goes by, surrounded by several universities instead of the traditional meaning of village. It is a shopping paradise for youngsters, a vane of the forefront fashionable style. It is a good choice of entertainment and eating as well.

Changle Road
The street is exactly designed for ordinaries, things here are much more lower than other shooping center.

Friendship Road, Zhuque Street, Pink Lane, Literature Road
These places turn out to be well choices for those who likes to buy clothes with unique styles that left form the foreign trade market.

Science & Technology Street
It is a place that filled with white-collar groups, besides for some famous huge shopping malls, the first-opened Starbuck Coffee of Wstern China lies right here, and plus the topmost Oscar Cinema. The Street appeals a lot to people both local and nationawide.

Family Lu Village Yanta Road
Xian¡¯s well-known computer and numeral trade Center, which possess many big digital malls.

Literature Road
The mercery wholesale distributing center in Xian, also a must place to buy pets.



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