Xian Climate

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Xian, located in the Yellow River drainage area, of the central part of the Guanzhong Plain, is surrounded by mountains as Qinling in the south, Wei River in the north.

Generally speaking, weather here belongs to the semi-humid temperate monsoon climate featured with four distinct seasons, mild climate most of the year around with the average temperature of 13 íŠ, of which makes it a possible city visiting pleasurably at almost any time of the year.
The winter here is cold and the coldest month is January with an average temperature of only 0íŠ but the possible snow is not occurred so often. Apart from the relatively cold winter, it is suitable for tourism momentarily.

June, with an average temperature of 26íŠ, turns out to be the hottest month in the year. As Xian is the city that far from the seaside, summer here would be so dry that doní»t forget take enough water with you while traveling around.

Best Tourist Seasons Recommended:
The Spring Blooms: Marchí¬May
The Height of Autumn: Septemberí¬November

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