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Xian lies in the central part of China and for quite a long time it has been treated as the key political and cultural junction that connected together the east and west. Years go by, the city has gradually developed into a touristic attraction with plenty of national and international liners in and out as well the train and bus are well operated. At present, Xian is treated as very centrum with the provincial highway of national road, and the already well-formed highway network make it an important pivot of join both inside province and radiated around the country. For the exactly datas that 2877 kilometers of total course of highways now in the whole city, 320 related bridges, 5 national road and 12 provincial highways pass the urban area with the volume of passenger transport of annual highway is 68,020,000 persons, 70,950,000 tons of volumes of goods transported.
As the core that connected west and east, the modernized stereoscopic traffic network taking aviation, the railway, the highway is maturing all the while.

External Traffic
Air Service:
It is said that the Xianyang International Airport is the fourth most frequented airport in China, 68 domestic flights from nearly all major destination in China
Xianyang International Airport (XIY) is home to 71 domestic daily flights from almost every major Chinese destination. National routes have been increased bit by bit while the international routes of large and medium cities and Hong Kong, Macao, Japanese Fogang, Hiroshima, rushing down, Mingguwu etc. established and more lines added in recent years. With total number of 25 international airlines now on schedule, Xian has become the city that possesses most international routes in Western China with three major airways of Northwest Airways, China United Airways and Dragon Air all operate out of the airport. The same as other airports in China, Xianyang International airport offers shuttle bus service between the airport and inner city. Cost RMB25 and runs every 50 minutes. If better, RMB120 will spend on your private taxi.

Shuttle Bus Lines as follows:
Line 1: Airport!Melody Hotel
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Howard Johnson Ginwa Plaza Hotel, Bell Tower Hotel Prince International Hotel, City Hotel pass by.
Line 2: Airport!Railway Station
Qinfeng Hotel, Jiefang Hotel, Diamond International Hotel pass by.
Line 3: Airport!Huoju Dasha in Xian Hi-tech Zone
Line 4: Airport!Guomao Dasha in southern suburb
Tangcheng Hotel, Orient Hotel pass by.
Line 5: Airport!Jianguo Hotel in eastern suburb,
Empress Hotel pass by.

Train Service
Xian is described as the Gateway to the West, so that its railway station holds a very important position in the domestic railway system. It is a major stop for the trains either heading east or west where the line splits.
"Asia-Europe Transcontinental Bridge" of Longhai railway traverse Xi'an, Xiyan railway go to Yanan!the holy revolutionary place in Chinese history, Xikang railway transects Qinling Mountains can go to Chongqing directly. Besides the established above, still the Xihe railway that under construction with the line of Xian!Hefei!Nanjing, Xizhong railway of Xi'an!Pingliang!Zhongwei will reconstruct "main artery of Gansu-Qinghai Railway" that a thing moved in succession. In the near future, Xi'an will form railway structure of style of calligraphy of Chinese form ^rice ̄.
The station lies in the northeast, just outside the city walls. Half-an-hour bus way from the downtown area and it is so convenient to take bus here everywhere in the main streets.
Concerning the tickets purchasing, it is somewhat troublesome for foreigners because of the fewer English-speaking service with limited time of the day at 8.30 -11.30 and 2.30 -5.30. Passport needed if there is document to register. Hotel will also offer help for some required fees.

Road Service:
Xi'an is the country's second-largest road transport hub, a total of nine national lines stick to many parts of the country that 18 provinces and over 300 cities and counties included. To travel by bus is convenient that people could buy tickets on the same day of their leaving but in all with more economical way, more tired the foreigners will feel. So foreigners are not encouraged to take the long-distance buses due to general hardship and fatigue. Better choices will be lay on the planes and trains.

Internal traffic
Taxi Service:
The mostly green-colored taxis often stopped at the streets and lanes.
There are mainly two-level taxis of different price:
1. Citroen ZX, Ietta, Santana, Santana 2000
Base price: 6 yuan with 1.5 yuan for every additional kilometer.
After 11 p.m.: 7 yuan with 1.8 yuan added each time.
2. Hongqi, Zhonghua, Oriental Son, Passat
Base price: 8 yuan with 2.4 yuan for every additional kilometer.
Note: You¨d better wirte down the destination in Chinese for that not all drives could understand English.

Bus Service:
As most big cities in China, there are buses of special line of 610 travels in the city of Xi'an, regard railway station as the starting point, through the new street of the north, revolutionary park, bell tower, drum-tower, Guangji street, rosefinch door, little wild goose tower, the south door slightly, Daxing kind temple, Shanxi History Museum, the Great Wild Goose Pagoda, Qin Wang Palace and other places a big way.
Usually the ticket costs 1-2 Yuan per person, as well somw mini-bus of 0.5-4 yuan charge due to the different distance. It is so convinent to go to the famous sighting spots as figures of warriors and horses, Huaqing Hot Spring etc.

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